It is estimated that there are over 125 million internet users in the United States alone, and over 55 million people shop online (and these numbers increase every single day!). If you sell a product or a service, you need to be part of the World Wide Web, and you need to be noticed.

We have available many templates with regular html, Flash, Dreamweaver and WordPress.  Although the word 'template' may conjure up visions of ugly or thousands of replicated sites, you need not worry about this.  There are millions of people on the internet and they hardly ever see the same site over again unless it is for a distributing company for their own marketing representatives.

WordPress Sites
Tell us what type of theme you are looking for and we will send you some templates to consider.  WordPress sites are designed to be blogs but can be used for other sites too.  They are user friendly and, compared to Dreamweaver, Flash or static web site creations, are very cost effective.  A WordPress site can sell items, feature news and contain affiliate links where you can make a commission. Your blog or web site is only limited to your imagination.  Price begins at $175.00 for a 3-page WordPress site and a 1 hour training consultation.  For each additional page or post, $25 each.   Contact us with what you are looking for, we will give you a quote.  (Must sign up with Hostgator through link on Home page.)

WordPress Trio
We will set you up with a turn-key operation - WordPress site (3-pages), set up your email addresses, with our without forwarders, Google Plus and Blog (you must have a gmail account first), and a 2 hour WordPress training session.  Price begins at $300.00  (Must sign up with Hostgator through link on Home page.)

WordPress Ultimate Web Presence Package
Ultimate turn-key website with blog, store and social media - WordPress site (up to 7 pages or posts), email address setup, including forwarders, Blog, social media networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter*) to correspond with website, plus an Amazon store (price is extra for Amazon's more expensive option - must ask for details), set up and install affiliate links* and 2 hours of training.  Price begins at $800.00.
(*Application and approval for social media and affiliate companies, such as, but not limited to, Google, Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction are the sole responsibility of the client.)

Amazon Money Making Store Front
Looking for an Amazon Store, loaded with hundreds or thousands of products that updates itself, where you make money with!  You will have an easy to operate admin panel, active 24/7, which means it can make money while you sleep.  A link to a sample site - CLICK HERE.  We will design a professional banner for you, include your domain name in the banner and include all of your affiliate codes (Google, Linkshare, ClickBank or others supplied by you) for the low price of only $55.  Contact us for more information. 

We are happy to forward a list of websites that have been designed by our professionals.

Here are a few sites you can peruse: - Wordpress site, can be used for general business site or a blog - Html created site - Wordpress site that is being used as an e-commerce jewelry selling site.  Check out its other jewelry link, which is an Amazon store.  The owner receives a commission from everything that is sold on this page - Wordpress information site with affiliate links (owner receives commissions from), along with an Amazon store - Flash template site - Amazon store/Affiliate Site - Amazon store/Affiliate Site - Wordpress & Amazon store/Affiliate Site - Amazon store/Affiliate Site - Wordpress site - PPC html & script site - Wordpress & Amazon store/Affiliate Site

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